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Muno Research Lab

The Muno Laboratory is a team of intrinsically motivated early career researchers developing innovative chemistry-based solutions to some critical questions related to cell biology.


Chemistry plays a central role in providing insights into physical and biological phenomena. At the Muno Laboratory, we are developing chemistry-based tools and solutions to advance a fundamental understanding of the biology of human cells. The ultimate goal is to develop scientific frameworks and innovative technologies that detect and treat various diseases, specifically infectious, neoplastic, metabolic, and neurodegenerative diseases. We are currently designing bioorthogonal chemical reporters to study protein modifications, glycomimetic and glycan ligands to regulate cell-cell interactions, redox-active biomaterials to regulate free radicals generation, and deep eutectic solvents to deliver biologics to the cytosol.

Latest Publications

Verissismo NV, Toledo D, Hakim QA, Hill AR, Quintana AA, Escobar CR, Oluwole SA, Agatemor C*. (2023) Bioderived deep eutectic solvent-based topical chemotherapy for squamous cell carcinoma of the skin. J Mol. Liquids, 370, 121029.

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